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Welcome to the 2022 Placements Hub

This is your one stop for all things Team Placements for 2022 with FEA! From general info to FAQ, dates and links to our socials to help you keep in the loop! If you are unsure about any of the Placement Process please do not hesitate to ask!

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What Are Team

Team Placements are the beginning of a new season for our Competitive Cheerleading & Teams. At these sessions you come along to register your interest in joining a team for 2022 and showcase your skills to help us find the best level of cheer or dance for you in 2022. 

If you have zero experience and brand new to Cheer or Dance do not fear! We place absolutely everyone onto a team perfect for them no matter their skill, experience or age! 

What do team placements cost?

A once off cost of $15 is applicable for each athlete attending a placement session. With this payment however you can do as many cheer/dance placements as you like.

Payments must be made on the day to attend, EFTPOS payments only. 

What AGE Bracket Should I come to?

We have come us with age brackets that will allow us to see similar aged athletes grouped together and will match up with the Age Grid for 2022 competitive divisions. All age brackets for Placements relate to the athletes age by the end of This Year. Even if you or your child fit into the very end of an age bracket make sure you come to the session based on your age now not next year. 

Do we offer private assessments?

YES we do!! If you can't make one of the established Placement times below then all you  need to do is contact us to arrange a private assessment in which will will add you into your team/s once all other sessions have been completed. 

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