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Welcome to Force Elite Academy's 2021 Team Placement Hub 

This is the official site for all registration for Force Elite's 2021 Team Placements for the DUDLEY PARK Location. Check your team placement time for you or your child's age as of the END of 2020. 

Please Note* the age divisions for the individual placement sessions are for our own placement process and do not correlate exactly with competition age brackets, so by attending the Placement session for your age you are not "locked in" to only being selected into that age division 

You may attend multiple placement sessions for different teams or levels as you desire. We will take each of your assessments into consideration to pick the best team/teams for you!  

Have you joined our 2021 Team Placements Facebook Event?? For the latest info, news and updates make sure you click "going" or "interested" via the link below.

Find Your

Placement Time 


*Remember all ages are as of end of 2020

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