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Cheerleading is the all-inclusive, high energy team sport sweeping the nation with increasing levels of participation not slowing anytime yet. Cheerleading routines involve stunting (the lifting, holding of flyers by their bases -see above), jumps, tumbling (cartwheels, rolls, walkovers etc.) formation changes, and dance elements - all in 2min30sec!

Cheerleaders can train multiple times per week working on their routine, choreography and tumbling skills, cheerleaders traditionally wear super sparkly uniforms have custom routine music and enter into many competitions per year, all of this adds up in price and can make cheerleading a bit daunting to families for their first time.

We are here to change that.

CheerStars is opening the doors to All Star Cheerleading more children & families! CheerStars teams train once per week, for 2 terms and perform their routine at one real Cheerleading competition. CheerStars have no uniform costs and no music costs making this the most affordable cheerleading program you can join.

CheerStars is an approachable, affordable and manageable entry into Cheerleading for kids ages 6 through to 16yrs of age. With only a 2 term commitment CheerStars is a fantastic way to experience Cheer as a sport for half a year then decide if you love it and want to continue or want to try something else, how easy is that.


8 Islington Court Dudley Park

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CheerStars Lightning Bolts - Ages 7 - 13yrs

TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30pm

CheerStars Energy - Ages 7 - 13yrs

THURSDAY'S 5:30-6:30pm


*ages turning as of Dec 31 2022


3/26 Farrow Cct, Seaford

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CheerStars Firecrackers- 7-9yrs

WEDNESDAYS 4:30-5:30pm

CheerStars Sandstorm - 10-14yrs

WEDNESDAYS 6:30-7:30pm

*ages turning as of Dec 31 2022



The Experience


All Star Cheer & Dance competition are an absolute blast for the whole family. From the excitement of waking up competition morning and getting ready to the energy of warm up, being announced onto the floor by the MC to music and light and hearing the crowd cheer and clap you throughout your routine gives the confidence to perform. At the end of the competition each team gets judges feedback on their athlete will receive an athlete gift to commemorate their efforts in performing and families receive FREE professional video and photos of their child routine. 

Learn more than just Cheer


There's lots of benefits of doing competitions compared to recreational classes. By needing to create, learn and practice their routine the students develop the skills on how to pick up and retain information quickly to remember choreography, how to work together as a team to work towards a common goal, how to understand commitment and be a dependable team member, learning choreography moves and counting to music develops better coordination and brain power. Plus the added benefit of performing a routine in front of a crowd help students learn to deal with performance anxiety and feeling comfortable front of a crowd      

Competition Important Info


What Competition will you do in 2022?

Blue Debut Showcase (Term 1-2) and

CheerCon State Championships (Term 3-4)

What Date is it?

Blue Debut | June 2022 (Date TBA) 

CheerCon | November 13th-14th 2022

Where is the competition held?

Blue Debut | Venue TBA

CheerCon | Priceline Stadium

Will you need to be there all day? 

No, you will have a meet time 1hr before your warm up and an awards time after the performance, once the team have had their awards the you are free to go.

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