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All Star Cheerleading

In 2020 we are expecting to boast the largest number of Cheerleading teams we have ever fielded, ranging all the way from Novice beginners teams to Level 6 at our Dudley Park gym and Novice to Level 4.2 at Seaford. All Star Cheerleading teams are a full season commitment ranging from 1-3 trainings per week, and 4-6 competitions per year. All Elite teams Level 1-6 travel to Nationals on the Gold Coast, November 2020. See below for our Team Placement Day events for Both Seaford & Dudley Park locations. Join the event of your choice to RSVP.

ITS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN - We are still accepting places into all Semi Competitive Half & Full Season Teams & Elite Nationals Team! Contact us to enquire and arrange private assessment!

Half Season CheerStars

Half Season Cheer or "CheerStars" is our ALL NEW program for 2020. The perfect starting spot for any girl or boy aged 5-18yrs who want to try cheerleading but not sure about the commitment of a full season and the associated costs. Check out the benefits of joining CheerStars;

  • Half Season Commitment - Learn your routine Terms 1-2  or terms 3-4 and perform at one competition

  • Easy Monthly Payments -  Pay your tuition through 5 easy monthly installments (10 if you choose to complete the full year)   

  • Low Registration Fee - Only a once off $60 registration fee is required for CheerStars, easily covered by the state school sports vouchers (if eligible) 

  • No Uniform or Choreography Fees - Save $$$ with simple T-Shirt & shorts uniform for competitions 

  • Teams to suit your child's age - With 3 age division splits your child will be with others their own age. CheerStars is offered for ages 5-18yrs 

  • Easy to manage training schedule - One training per week on a set schedule give the consistency you need to effectively organise your family. 

  • No Team Placement Session Needed - If CheerStars sounds like its perfect for your child then hit the button below to contact us today to express your interest! 

All Star Dance Premier

PREMIER dance is the new intuitive at FEA Dance for experienced dancers to push their skills to the limit and to continue to drive our dance program forward in the ever increasingly competitive All Star dance divisions.

PREMIER dance teams will be selected from the best of the best dancers from both our Dudley Park and Seaford locations.

PREMIER teams will train exclusively at FEA Dudley Park on full competition sized dance floor, with TWO senior Dance Coaches for optimal instruction on both technique and choreography.

PREMIER will be offered for all 4 disciplines in Pom, Jazz, Hip Hop & Lyrical/Contemporary for Ages 5yrs through to adults in Divisions Mini/Youth, Junior/Senior & Open

If you want to push your dance to the next level and take on the best of the best in the country, then make sure you're at the Placement session for your age and discipline of choice

All Star Dance Elite & Novice

We offer 4 disciplines of All Star Novice & Elite dance in Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary & Pom from ages 5-18yrs. The great thing about Dance at FEA is you can choose which discipline or combination of disciplines you want to join. You can combine your dance team with a Cheer team and receive HUGE savings off your Dance tuition.

NOVICE Dance - If you are brand new to dance or have little dance experience, these teams are perfect for you, learn full routines in your chosen discipline/s and compete at 3 local competition events per year to build your skills and build experience

ELITE Dance - If you have some dance experience and looking to progress your skills, challenge yourself and learn to handle faster routines and more difficult choreography then you can be considered for All Star Elite dance. Compete at 4 local competition events and Nationals on the Gold Coast in November 2020.

Both Novice and Elite dance programs will be assessed in the same assessment session, you will get your opportunity to elect whether you wish to be considered for Elite or Novice Dance and will learn and perform choreography based on the program you wish to be selected into.

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